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Originally coming from the business field, the highly sophisticated formation while doing the certification as a snow sports instructor, was nothing less than a revelation to me. The sound execution of skiing forms is the ultimate craft one can learn and makes you feel being part of evolution. Still, after all those years, snow sports is purely fascinating. Trying to execute every turn more dynamic and with higher quality a sublime escape of immersing in the moment.

My goal as a snow sports instructor, is to pass this universal fascination for snow sports  –  the superior execution of all skiing forms, show the ability to differentiate, reward of patience, encouraging dialogues, the appealing ambiance, the humble sight of the grand mountain scenery  –  on to my guests with authenticity and emphasis.

Sparked by the belief that in tourism it is of great importance to offer guests uncompromised quality, in 2015/16 I decided to offer my services independently to treat guests with genuine hospitality and the friendly and attentive service they deserve. 

As a local aka 'aborigine' and Federal Certified Snow Sports Instructor with the highest level of national formation, I'm looking forward to welcome you in Flims Laax! 

Claudio Veraguth

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